Manage all your third parties in one place—with ease

Quickly and efficiently assess, monitor, and mitigate the risk posed by your growing number of third parties and prevent costly data breaches. With streamlined third-party management, you’ll be audit-ready at all times.

Tackle your third-party management tasks in one place

Keep track of essential third-party information, such as criticality and risk scores, collaborate with stakeholders, integrate with intelligence providers, and manage your third-party risk—all from a single tab.

Cut time to contract, and quickly detect third-party risk

Register third parties and send assessment questionnaires in just a few clicks. Use your findings to quickly select viable third parties and prioritize the right risk remediation efforts at the right time.

Make timely, data-driven decisions and address your business needs

Get full transparency into your third-party risk with custom data visualizations and ready-to-use reports. Spot issues and capitalize on opportunities as they happen.